Updating php curl on Ubuntu

Sometime it happens, when

is not enough. And you really want to upgrade your curl to the latest possible version.

Below is the simple guide:

So, to update curl somewhere on the ubuntu:
1/ Assuming we’re logged in as root and we’re in our home directory.

You can update the archive url, pick one from here http://curl.haxx.se/download.html.

2/ Now we need to prepare the instruments for the further actions

3/ Let’s unpack the curl source code

4/ And do the installation

This way we would compile the curl and libcurl (which is very important step) for our system.
The libtool thing, which we’ve installed before is used during the ./buildconf, and make is make.

5/ Now let’s update our system’s binaries.

6/ To finish everything – we should restart every application, which uses PHP


That’s all, now we have our curl updated.

updating php curl on Ubuntu

updating php curl on Ubuntu